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Here at Da Vinci we’ve selected some of the best dishes the Mediterranean has to offer and put our own little twist on them.

We’ve created a wonderful blend of Italian and Greek cuisine, with a wee smidge of Scottish favourites for good measure.


Our focus is on using carefully sourced local produce, treating it with respect and cooking it simply using traditional family recipes that have stood the test of time.

We aim to source all of our products from within Edinburgh and the Lothians. This means not only will we be supporting local farmers and producers, but also help to reduce our carbon footprint and give us complete traceability.


Allergies or gluten intolerance are catered for, so please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and we’ll prepare a dish that suits your particular needs.



So why Italian and Greek food? Simple really, it’s our heritage, it’s what we’ve lived and breathed, where it all started, our love for local family recipes perfected over many generations, dishes which we are excited to now share with our customers.

Simone Libanore hails from Crespino, a tiny village 98km south west of Venice. His knowledge of authentic Italian cuisine has taken him around Europe cooking at popular restaurants in Venice,  Edinburgh, Zakynthos and a resort based at the mouth of the River Po in eastern Italy, before returning once again to Edinburgh to launch Da Vinci.

Denny (Denise) Libanore is well travelled too. Born in Nigeria, she moved to Scotland as a child, often visiting her father’s family home on the beautiful island of Zakynthos. Denny met Simone on his first visit to Edinburgh in the mid-90s and the rest is history. Since then, Denny has been the front-of-house manager at restaurants in Edinburgh, Zakynthos and Italy. Denny’s aunt June is also a published Greek culinary writer – it’s just in the blood.


To us, family is everything and that is the welcoming and loving atmosphere we aim to create at Da Vinci.

73 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3RJ
0131 558 9156

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